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Nothingness is Everything

Infinite, the void,

no longer exits.

I am...

cannot talk or communicate,

existence of "I"

"I" disappear.

Now, our casual Body

innermost sheath,

we are divine,

the small self,

the big Self.


at the core of our Being

our individual Soul is

the Universal Soul.

The meaning of Life

in the face of Death.

Ego dissolves

True Self arises

Union and blissful osmosis,

the final freedom

where soul merges

in the Ocean of Being.

All this Time

identified ourselves with our Bodies,

here we are totally with the Soul.

Consciousness faces the Soul

in a state of equilibrium,

the Soul face to face.

Disturbances of the mind and emotions

fade away,

see the true reality.

Neat thoughts and emotions, crystal clear,

as both memory and intelligence,

our inner and outer vision with no clouds.

Reflection of any color without any obscurity or blend.

Consciousness is pure, with no disruptions.

We see clearly,

without the clutter of pollution,

we see the truth.

The clouds move away,

the Sun shines brilliantly.

And, Nothingness is Everything.

Pedro Proff


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