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Life Mentoring & Coaching

Sometimes It's Harsh To Face Your Own Life

Let's bring dreams to reality. Together we will organize your life so you can do the changes that will set you free and make you happy. Organizing your life is about taking control of your feelings, this will immediately empower you.

YOU CAN DO THIS, change!

We'll go on this journey together one step at a time.

I’ll be there to guide you along the way.

I'm Pedro Proff, a Health and Wellness Professional. Certified Life Coach and Mentor. I use pragmatic and holistic strategies that are likely to be most effective in your particular situation. My vision of Aesthetic and Mental Health will guide you on how to Organize your life in all aspects, and connect you to your inner and outer best. when we meet I always have my mind open to new Ideas, I keep my heart open, and I will never judge.

You’ll find out that we can use humor as a very useful tool to make a change in your life.

I offer a Free 30 min online/WhatsUp, Zoom or Skype interview so you can get to know me. We can have a focused meeting on one of the services you need or a general meeting to put your life in perspective and prioritize what needs to be done in your life.


If you want to change your work/carrier, business project, studies area or Plan for relocation.


you had enough problems in your family or in your personal relationships.


Feel better and Enhance your True Self, Style, and Health. Everything else will change!


Discover more about yourself and find more meaning and happiness.

Start with a Free 30 min Consultation and I will make a plan for you. After the meeting, we stay in touch for any questions until we meet again.


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