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How does it feel to be in flow?

Most of the time people ask me how to be in flow? How do they know they are in flow for real? First we should be The Flow, because if we see the flowing as an outside point we will be always disconnected of that Flow. Then, and first, Be The Flow.

Having that as the Core of Flowing here it stays the real references that you are In Flow:

  • completely involved in what we are doing or and leaving in the moment- focused, aware, mindfull, concentrated

  • a sence of ecstasy- of being outside everyday reality

  • Great inner clarity of reality- knowing what needs to be done, and how well we are doing

  • knowing that is doable - that our skills and experience are adequate for what we are engaged in

  • A sense of serenity- no worries about oneself, a true feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of the Ego

  • Timelessness- thoroughly focused on the present, hours seem to pass by

  • intrinsic motivation- whatever produces the flow becomes it's own reward.

Just flow and trust the process. Engage and Be The Flow.

by Proff


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