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About Mindfulness

"We are all just part of the nature. When we think like this way the mind will stop clinging to views and conceit. Focus in the body and mind, we are able to see the true nature of reality. And so we won't fall under the sway of things that can obsess the mind and wrong views which stain the mind. The body is just a natural resource we make use for - it's not who we are, isn't a person, a being or individual. Understanding this the mind will feel peaceful and happy, not anxious and confused. The practice will create the opportunity to renounce and abandon the things that cause us worry. Impermanence of everything and everyone it's the only sure of our world. We can't even depend on our friends and relatives. Ultimately we have to build our own inner refuge. Mindfulness is the only path, meditation, mindfulness movement, contemplative walking, nature interaction, are some of the techniques that we can use, but always with the right intention and as daily routine." - Proff 2014


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