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Simple Formula for Making Steady Progress

Let me ask you 2 quick questions.

1. Do you have some important goals that you would really like to accomplish this year?

2. Does it seem like your goals keep getting gobbled up by the mundane activities and demands of everyday life?

Well, I have a very simple strategy that will help you make steady progress toward the achievement of your goals. In fact, initially it might sound too simple to be very effective. But let me assure you, if you give it an honest try for the next 21 days, you will be pleasantly surprised with your progress. OK, here it is in 5 easy steps!

1. Write down your most important goals. 2. Look at those goals every day for a week and as they become clearer to you, adjust the way they are written to reflect that clarity. 3. After a week of increased clarity, go back and assign a time frame for the completion of each goal. 4. Now that you have things down in writing, read your goals first thing each morning and last thing each night. This next step will keep everything moving in the right direction. 5. After each reading ask yourself this powerful question:What 1 thing can I do TODAY to move me closer to one of these goals? (Of course, if it's night you would say tomorrow instead of today)

This simple process will reprogram your mind for the achievement of your goals within the time frame that you have set. If you gain more clarity about any goal during the process, rewrite it to reflect that clarity.


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