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METAPHYSICS OF HEALTH / PSYCHOSOMATICS - an important resource of self-help and self-knowledge

Metaphysics comprises the structural and energetic aspects that coordinate organic and inorganic materials. It is a special study about the essence of the universe, its formation and the beings that inhabit it, a holistic study. This study provides a broad perspective of the factors time and space, interdependence, union, of the whole, as well as the sense of Good and Evil, immutable and eternal categories, constituents of the primitive causes of the physical world.

The term metaphysics signifies: meta = beyond and physics = matter.

Therefore, anything beyond the physical can be considered metaphysics. It comprises the psychic, emotional, energetic, spiritual and sentimental spheres. Metaphysics assumes that it is the soul that organizes matter and not the physical that creates the essence.

But both influence the other.

Psychology has contributed to a better understanding of Metaphysics, bringing further clarification about the somatization of diseases. Psychology began the study of emotional interferences as a cause of physical disorders of the individual (psychosomatics).

Without any religious or doctrinal connotations, metaphysical ideas are independent of any option of religiosity. However, those who embrace them are characterized, especially by cultivating an increasingly free and more independent spirituality.

Current Metaphysics presents two important characteristics:

Those who dedicate themselves to studying and practicing it profoundly and truly, add to it the contribution of their own personal knowledge and experiences, according to their area of ​​research and activity; the other important fact that characterizes it is the easy popular assimilation. In simple wording, it touches people's hearts and moves their intelligence, bringing to their knowledge this "other way of thinking and feeling life", or, in other words, proposing the continuous and gradual development of consciousness. Stimulating our power of discernment and our responsibility towards life, regardless of social "classes" (cultural or economic), enables the effective individual and social transformation that, we know, can only occur from the inside out in each of us, for the benefit of the collective good.

In Metaphysical / Holistic Medicine, the metaphysical foundations are not far from their reality; on the contrary, it is precisely in the environment that the metaphysical causes of bodily disorders are manifested. The root of physical problems is in the interior attitude, towards the daily situations. The person's posture is determinative for the preservation of health, and inner conflicts trigger diseases that affect the organism. Just as physical posture affects posture and behavior in life.

The affected organ and the type of alteration it shows reveal how people are in a certain area of ​​life and, metaphysically, correlate with that part of the body. By observing and interpreting people's behavior, one can get a sense of their vulnerability to a particular disease or the strengthening of a particular organ.

The body is a kind of sensor that displays the way the individual deals with the events of life. Each part of the body reflects an emotion. Therefore, metabolic changes stem from emotional imbalance. Everyone faces obstacles, but each reacts in a certain way. Depending on how adversity is dealt with, a certain emotional state is produced. Depending on this inner condition, health is maintained or disease is caused.

The outer events themselves, only by themselves, reflect that which is cultivated within. The attitudes maintained throughout life attract situations that are compatible with the interior model, consequently these occurrences cause disruptions, intensifying harmful feelings and causing damage to health.

The work of observing the work environment and the lifestyle that the person maintains at home serves as a display of the internal world. At the same time that the types of reactions to certain events are identified, it becomes possible to get to know the beliefs that generate existential conflicts.The acquisition of metaphysical awareness of the causes of the organism's dysfunctions provides an important resource for the reorganization of the internal world, which is reflected not only in the body, to rescue health, but also changes the external environment.

It can be said that the same emotional conflicts that caused the disease, also generated the events, which aggravated the harmful feelings.

People live in this vicious cycle and do not realize that they themselves conspire in favor of their failures, and are frustrated in turn.

To achieve health and improve life quality it is necessary to promote significant changes, starting within, and then proceeding to the environment. A journey primarily of self-knowledge through the body, a form of body awareness work, from the body and psyche to the soul.

- The first step is to get to know the body, this compartment of the spirit, and also to reformulate beliefs. - Afterwards, changing the worldview, interpreting external phenomena in a more compliant and less conflicting way. - Finally, adopt new attitudes to relate better with yourself and with others, respect your limits and take care of your body.

Therefore, health metaphysics represents and establishes itself as an important resource for self-help and self-knowledge.

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