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Noise X Neat Information

The average person has 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day...

They interact with roughly three new people every day (each of which has 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day).


They spend roughly 7-hours browsing the Internet visiting around 140 webpages and interacting with 500-700 other humans indirectly (each of which has 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day).

This happens across three devices, six applications, four social networks, three messaging apps, and all of these are being used at the same time.

This is totally fucked up. This is a virtual reality!!!!!!!

Why are these people neurotically wired in to a maze of stimulated rats echoing, liking and sharing the same useless information?

What's the purpose of it all?

Ask these people and you'll quickly find out: There isn't one.

Yes, the world has become more connected. Yes, that is a good thing. But only if it brings value to you and helps you achieve your goals.

Most people haven't evolved to this new technology and they're lost inside of it instead of using it as a tool. They've mistaken the means for the end.

Instead of using technology to connect with people to solve problems and find answers to questions they need to achieve their goals -- people are using social media for the goal of using social media.

That's like using a treadmill for the purpose of using a treadmill. The means contributes to an end, never mistake the means for the end itself.

So what's the solution to this madness?

You need to train yourself so that you can determine "neat info" from "noise". Neat information is useful information that contributes to your goal and life. Noise is useless information that does nothing for anybody, it's pure waste. Or worst, does bad to everyone.

More connected we are more disconnected we stay from real Life and real Friends.

It's time to do a real Digital DeTox, Turn Off Excessive Noise and turn On your Life.

You only need to hook into the network when you need to fetch a piece of information from it or feed a piece of information back into it.

You get in and then you get out. And you train yourself to not get distracted while you're plugged in.

Wanna know how to optimise your daily routine and environment so that you can control yourself and improve?

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Pedro Proff


Wishing you a neat and healthy life,

Pedro Proff

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