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NLP, Hypnoses, Dynamic Visualisation, by LMM® Why and What are the advantages?

Our words describes the world we live in.

That will describe the life how we see it. In reality our words they don’t describe the world but they will define the world you live in. The words we use will create the world we will live in. NLP it’s the Art of using the words in such a specific way that you create your reality in a way you wish.

NLP, Hypnoses, and Dynamic Visualisation,

are techniques were you take control of your language to have better results for your life in general, applying to all areas of your life.

"Than obviously, the words we use in the state of constant hypnosis we live in it’s also the responsible for most of our fears and frustrations."

Everyone get in Hypnoses state and process twice a day, when they fall asleep and when they wake up, that in a brain wave function and not conscious but that can determine them life.

In reality and according with the brain rhythms, we enter in hypnoses state every 90 minutes during the day. That means everyone can be hypnotise, everyone have a level of suggestibility. Imagine what does all the information we put inside of us all single second of our day! Imagine why do we have the life we have sometimes! Or always!

The good thing in Hypnoses, Dynamic Visualisation and NLP it’s that cannot and have not any side effect, we can't get worst in any way, the worst scenario for a person it’s nothing change but then we should try another approach even because everyone is different and this are very flexible and custom made disciplines / techniques.

What are the advantages? Do I really need to answer?!

Here it's some of the advantages:

  • Assess physiological responses as also behavioural and dysfunctional patterns

  • Learn self-awareness over unconscious changes

  • Non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution

  • Active role and participation of client X professional

  • Treating the cause of a problem instead of treating symptoms

  • Personalised training with exercises

For more information please contact by the link below:

Wishing you a neat and healthy life,

Pedro Proff

Healthy Lifestyle Coaches

Life Mentoring Method ®

INPI Patent nº 537386

Education, training, health and sports services, entertainment and cultural activities.

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